2019 Spring Training Travel Packages in Sunny Arizona - Wiles West - Spring Training Done Right
Each of the 3-7day packages allow for two travel days, with sightseeing and games on the days in between.
How to Reserve 3-7day Packages
(It's less complicated than it sounds, but if you need help call: 928-595-2250)

As an example, let's say you want the 5game: 7day, 6night package.   Go to the reservations page (all pages have several links to reservations).   At the top of the reservations page is a list of teams.   Click on your team; this will take you to their reservation box.   (Note: if you start from a specific teams schedule page you will automatically be taken to that teams reservation box).

In the box you will find unopened menus saying "1game: 3day, 2night" (for both Double Occupancy and Single Occupancy).   To the right of each "1game: 3day, 2night" is an arrow.   Click on the arrow to open the menu of your choice and all of the packages and options will appear.   Find "5game: 7day, 6night" and click on it.   This will collapse the menu, leaving only "5game: 7day, 6night" showing.   Click on "Add to Cart".   This will take you to the cart where you will enter the number of people in your party under "Quantity".   Click on the yellow button to check out using a Pay Pal account or the grey "check Out" button for credit card payment.   This will take you to a page to fill in payment information.

Proceed as directed and you will be taken to the submit payment page.   Upon submitting payment, Pay Pal will email you a receipt.   They will also notify Wiles West (this can sometimes take up to 24 hours), at which point we will also send you a receipt detailing the package you have purchased along with other information about your trip.