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Baseball on a Winters Day - Cactus League Spring Training Exhibition Game

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Cactus League 2018 Spring Training Baseball     2018 Spring Training     Cactus League 2018 Spring Training Baseball

Cactus League Baseball in the Valley of the Sun

Wiles West is a business offering guide services and all inclusive travel packages.   If you are looking for tickets only, follow this link to Stadium Contact Information.
Additional information can be found by placing cursor on any text *between white asterisks*
Remaining Space is Filling Quickly Reservations are currently available
March 5, through March 13, only.

Chicago Cubs also have space Feb 25, through March 1.

Click here for Last Remaining Games.

Please Call - 928-595-2250 - to verify availability before making reservations.

Reservations are closed for packages following:
San Francisco Giants & Seattle Mariners.

In the Shade Behind Home Plate at Surprise Stadium

In the Shade Behind Home Plate at Goodyear Ballpark

Wiles West is a service oriented touring company providing quality escorted Spring Training packages.

Packages include ALL - lodging, meals, game tickets, morning sightseeing, ground transport (we drive) & more.   No one offers more, no one does more for you.
(Please Note: packages do not include *airfare* ).

We make it easy to fit Spring Training to your schedule - you pick the date your package starts;   easy to get around Phoenix - we drive so you don't have to;   easy to enjoy your entire stay - we take care of all the details and logistics, you have fun.

Call - 928-595-2250 or Email -

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Worry Free, All Inclusive
We Drive
Spring Training Travel Packages

You come here to relax and enjoy Spring Training,

not worry about -   rental cars and gasoline,   how to find the stadiums and how long it takes to get there,   getting lost in an unfamiliar city,   who has the tickets,   battling rush hour traffic,   where to find a decent meal,   where to park,   a motel that doesn't match it's internet image,   or how much more tomorrow is going to cost you.
We understand that.   So...

You have a good time.   -   We take care of the rest.

One Price - No Hidden Costs - No Surprises

Our packages are not structured around prearranged dates, making it easy to fit Spring Training to your schedule.   You pick the day your package begins.   You choose the games you want to see.   You decide the length of stay.

Packages and options, along with rates and descriptions are listed below.   Choose a standard package or create one of your own.   If you have any trouble, give us a call, we'll help you get exactly what you need.

Questions? - Call - 928-595-2250
Wiles West - Spring Training Done Right.

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Salt River Field, One of 10 Cactus League Baseball Stadiums

The Boys of Summer Heat Up the Desert with Cactus League Baseball

Take a Break from Winter

with Baseball Spring Training in the warm, friendly, desert southwest.   Average March temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona   at a glance ,   detailed .

Current Conditions in Phoenix (three hour updates)

Latest Phoenix, Arizona, weather

Cheer on the boys of summer in intimate up close Spring Training stadiums with most days suitable for shirt sleeves and shorts.

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The 2018 Package Options & Per Person Rates
(All rates and payments in US dollars).

                                            Double Oc.         Single Oc.
    1game: 3day,2night   -   $1,215.00   -   1,465.00
    2game: 4day,3night   -   $1,780.00   -   2,155.00
    3game: 5day,4night   -   $2,335.00   -   2,840.00
    4game: 6day,5night   -   $2,895.00   -   3,525.00
    5game: 7day,6night   -   $3,450.00   -   4,205.00
  Each Additional Day   -     $550.00     -     675.00

  One Game Added on Either Arrival or Departure Day   -   $185.00
Two Games Added on Both Arrival and Departure Days   -   $325.00
One Daytrip in Place of Game   -   $125.00
One 2day Overnight in Place of Games   -   $350.00

Lodging at Sheraton Four Points unless otherwise noted.
Double Oc. - is the price one person pays when sharing a room with another person.
Single Oc. - is the price one person pays when they have a room to themselves.
Group Rates are available:   call 928-595-2250 for details.

There Just Isn't Much Left

Click on

Last Remaining Games and Daytrips.

to see what is.

Call Before Making Reservations

to verify availability.   Rooms and some games are filling quickly.   What was available yesterday may not be today and what is available today may not be tomorrow.


Have Questions?   Call us at 928-595-2250.   We've done this before and would be happy to help.

General Package Itinerary
First Day     arrival & transport from airport to hotel, official check in 3:00pm (there is a secure luggage area for early arrivals whose room is not yet available), 5-5:30pm leave for dinner on the town (includes one alcoholic beverage), return to hotel after dinner.
Other Days     breakfast opens 6:00am,   8:00am+/- leave hotel for morning sightseeing excursion, most often we go directly to the stadium and lunch from the sightseeing venue, 1:05-1:10pm game time, 4:05pm+/- game ends, most often we go directly from the game to happy hour and dinner (includes one alcoholic beverage), return to hotel after dinner.
Last Day     breakfast opens 6:00am, 12:00pm official check out, transport from hotel to airport two hours before scheduled departure.

If You Add a Game on Either or Both the First and Last Days

First Day     flight arrival should be scheduled for no later than 10:30am, with an early enough arrival we will drop luggage at the hotel - otherwise directly from the airport to stadium lunch, 1:05-1:10pm game time, 4:00pm+/- game ends, most often we go directly from the game to happy hour and dinner (includes one alcoholic beverage), to hotel after dinner.
Last Day     breakfast opens 6:00am, hotel check out, 8:00am+/- leave hotel for morning sightseeing excursion, most often we go directly to the stadium and lunch from the sightseeing venue, 1:05-1:10pm game time, 4:05pm+/- game ends, flight should be scheduled no earlier than 7:30pm in order to insure reaching the airport two hours before scheduled departure with dinner at airport.

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Dog Days at Spring Training - by J. Frosch

All the Action of Spring Training Baseball

Never Too Early to Make Reservations
But it Can Get Too Late

Phoenix is not only an international travel destination due to The Grand Canyon, Sonoran Desert, etc. but a major winter getaway location as well. Add to that: golf tournaments, car races, horse shows, soccer tournaments, tennis tournaments, art shows, sunbelt business conferences, spring break..., and March becomes the busiest travel and tightest accommodation month for Phoenix.

Q:   When would be the best time to make 2018 Spring Training Reservations?
A:   Well, that time is past. - At this point, call to make sure lodging is available for the dates you're interested in.

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With Every Spring Training Package
We provide:

  • airport pickup and drop off, as well as transportation to any scheduled morning sightseeing, all games and evening dinner on the town   -   from the time you arrive until the time you leave we get you where you need to be, stress free;
  • all lodging;   quality lodging at the Sheraton Four Points, Phoenix North;   safe, comfortable, service oriented, a great breakfast and both indoor and outdoor pools;
  • all meals;   breakfasts are at the hotel, lunches are typically at the stadiums, dinners are at a variety of quality restaurants across Greater Metropolitan Phoenix   -   good food, interesting atmosphere and (even when we've gone to the Arizona Biltmore) casual dress;
  • all morning activities   -   depending on the schedule for any given day, morning activities can include local attractions such as the Desert Botanical Gardens, Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wright's winter residence and school of architecture), The Musical Instrument Museum, Pueblo Grande Ruins.... of course, you can choose to just lounge under the palm trees by the pool if you prefer;
  • all tickets for the best available seats at your teams games (best seats mean:   first- in the shade*, second- as close to home plate as possible either behind the backstop or along the first base line);
  • as with every Wiles West Travel Package, an informed, reliable coordinator/escort to ensure your trip runs smoothly, giving you the most relaxed, enjoyable and carefree Spring Training getaway possible;
  • all against the backdrop of the warmth and beauty of springtime in the desert (not that we can take credit for that).

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Fifteen Major League Baseball Teams = 2018 Cactus League Spring Training

Follow Your Favorite Major League Baseball Team Through a Week of 2018 Cactus League Spring Training

Want to See a Little More of Arizona While You're Here?

Add a day or two to your package or replace a game day with a daytrip.   See Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Apache Trail, Sedona...

Click for Extended Stay, Daytrip and Overnight Options

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Picture Yourself at 2018 Spring Training in Arizona

Now Make the Dream Come True

Great Food,   Quality Lodging,   Baseball Every Day
and the
Leisure to Enjoy It
All at
One Price With No Hidden Costs
You Get Here - We Take Care of the Rest

Wiles West
It's a Business Doing Pleasure

Play Ball

We get you to any of your teams games - not just home games.

*   *   *   *   *

* Wiles West tries very hard to get all seating in the shade, however, we can not guarantee shade in Tempe Diablo Stadium, Scottsdale Stadium or Camelback Ranch-Glendale, all of which have very little to begin with.   That's not to say it isn't possible, it just isn't guaranteed.   (Web Masters Editorial Comment:   The Romans shaded seats in the Coliseum with banners and sails.   How is it that "state of the art" stadiums 2000 years later can't even manage that?)

Fountain at Entrance to Goodyear Ballpark, Spring Training Home of the Cincinnati Reds & Cleveland Indians - photo by J. Frosch

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