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Watercolor Paintings and Prints

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Alcove of the Valkyries

Boat Light

 Bountiful Desert

Calf Ropin'

Canyon Tree

Carole's Flowers

Castle Rock Moonrise

Cottonwood Sunrise

Dancing Aspen

Dominguez Sunset

Dyslexius Greco

Emerald Cave

First Launch

From the Teeth of the Padre

Ghost Cloud

Grand Canyon Reflections

Kayaking a Beam of Light

Kid On a Window

Labyrinth Panorama

La Gorce Arch

Lone Rock Conjunction

Naked Mom Beach

Navajo Point Prickly Pear

Oak Creek Grass

Poison Apples

Rainbow Bridge Above Sunrays

Rainbow Bridge Classic View

Rainbow Bridge High Water

Red Rock Crossing

Red Rock Crossing 2

Red Rock Dome

Register Rock Silhouette

Rodeo Drive

Salt River Dog Days

Sky Chicken Becomes a Black Hole

 Storm at Red Rock Crossing

Storm Over Warm Creek

Sunset from Goose Neck Point

The Step Being Taken

The Tonto Hike

Thunderhead Over Navajo Point

Tower Butte Sunrise

Tower Butte Sunset A

Verde River at Dead Horse Ranch

Wahweap Sunset

Walleye Grass

West Fork

Winter West Fork

 Yuccas in Ladd Pool Canyon

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