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Pre Schedule Reservations = Floating Reservations

A Floating Reservation Puts Your Reservation in Place
While Allowing You to Choose Actual Dates After Your Teams Schedule is Released

1 - Even in a normal year, more people want to be in Phoenix in March than there are hotel rooms to accommodate.
A very long list of other events take place in March besides Spring Training, making it the busiest travel time for Phoenix.   The dates when most of those events take place are already known and people attending them are already making hotel reservations.   Even in a normal year Phoenix IS full in March.   It isn't a question of if, it's a question of when.

2 - Pent up demand is already making 2022 look like it will be a record year for Spring Training.
All of the other events that take place in Phoenix in the same time frame as Spring Training will also have pent up demand.   During normal years some hotels begin having black out dates as early as May, all hotels have black out dates by Jan.   The way things are currently looking all of this could easily be moved up a month if not more.   It's never too early to make reservations, but it can get too late.

3 - Reservations are filled in the order in which they are received.
As much as we hate doing it, every year we have to turn people away due to "No Vacancy".   You lose out on going to Spring Training; we lose out on your business.   We would much rather see you get a room than someone coming to see a horse show or car race or Indian Fair or Tennis Tournament or...   That is why we always, but especially this year, recommend early reservations.

4 - Any 2022 reservation made before the schedule is released can be made for $100/person..
To encourage early reservation, until the 2022 Spring Training schedule is released (late Aug.-early Sept. in the "normal" recent past), you can make a reservation for only $100/person rather than the usual 27-30% of package price.   You do not need to choose your package dates until after the schedule comes out.   We will contact you when the schedule is released.   Your Floating Reservation file will be ready and only waiting for the dates to secure lodging.   (Balance due by Dec. 7, 2021).

5 - Any 2022 reservation made before the schedule is released is guaranteed the 2020 Spring Training rates.
Also to encourage early reservations, the prices currently posted on the web site are the 2020 Spring Training seasons rates.   We are guaranteeing 2020 rates on all 2022 packages with reservations made before the schedules are released.

6 - Floating Reservations are always at the top of the list.
Floating Reservations are at the top of our list when contacting people to let them know when schedules have been released.   The Floating Reservation you make now will also get priority over the flood of reservations that come in after the schedules are released.   As soon as you give us the dates you will be here, it is processed.   Which in no way implies you should wait around to send us your dates.   It means, if there are a dozen reservations in the hopper being worked on and your dates show up, all others get pushed back a notch and yours is processed immediately.

7 - For Floating Reservations Our Regular Refund Policy is Suspended Until 30 Days After the Schedule is Released.
The $100/person deposit is 100% refundable until 30 days after the schedule has been released.   After 30 days the regular refund policy applies. See Payment and Refund Policy for more details.   (Package only cancellation insurance available for dates beyond that time.   See Cancelation Insurance for more details.)

Make Floating Reservations for
Wiles West 2022 All Inclusive Spring Training Packages
100% refundable until 30 days after schedules are released.
To pay by check or to ask questions call - 928-595-2250

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