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On the Road to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

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A Drive to the Bottom of The Grand Canyon

With Lunch on the Beach Above Diamond Creek Rapids
(option to walk last mile along the creek and say you hiked to the bottom of The Grand Canyon)

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Up to Forty Miles Wide,
as much as a mile and a quarter deep, The Grand Canyon cuts through hundreds of miles of Northern Arizona.   The shortest distance to completely circle The Canyon would require a 650 mile dirve.

And in all that area the best kept secret
is the one and only road to the bottom.

Vans on the Diamond Creek Road to the Bottom of Grand Canyon
Diamond Creek Entering the Colorado River at the Bottom of Grand Canyon.
It Wasn't Always That Way.
Even though this is the place where in 1858 Lt. Joseph Christmas Ives wrote his often quoted journal passage -
"Ours has been the first and will doubtless be the last party of whites ever to visit this profitless locality".

Twenty four years later
it became the original Grand Canyon tourist destination.
The Railroad Crossed Northern Arizona
in 1882, bringing with it the first Grand Canyon tourists.   By 1884 the Farlee Hotel was welcoming guests where the road first encounters Diamond Creek, a mile from the Colorado River.

But with increasing competition

from a stage route out of the more populated area of Flagstaff to Grand View Point on the S. Rim, along with damage from a flood, the Farlee closed in 1889.
First Crossing of Diamond Creek a Mile from the Colorado River in Grand Canyon.
Diamond Peak and the Only Road to the Bottom of The Grand Canyon
Horses and Wagons Out of Flagstaff
were eventually replaced by a railroad spur out of Williams.   In its turn the railroad was replaced by highways and automobiles.

Today millions visit
The Grand Canyon each year.   The overwhelming majority of them going to the South Rim.   Few of them go into The Canyon.   Fewer still hike to the bottom or book a raft trip.   And least of all are those who travel the road.
Off a Dusty Remnant of Historic Rt. 66
a mile of pavement followed by 20 miles of dirt winds its way down more than 4000 feet of elevation to the bottom of The Grand Canyon.   As you decend, cliffs slowly rise around you.

Standing at the Rivers Edge
above the Diamond Creek Rapids it could strike you that the rest of Lt. Ives famous quote might have a little more truth to it...
Diamond Creek Road to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon.
Wild Burros in The Grand Canyon

"It seems intended by nature
that the Colorado River, along the greater portion of its lonely and majestic way, shall be forever unvisited and undisturbed."

- Lt. Joseph Christmas Ives

[   A Canyon Interlude   ]

Price:   $385.00 per person

Trip Includes:
    -   Van transportation
    -   Lunch on a beach of the Colorado River above                 Diamond Creek Rapids
    -   Water and snacks on the van
    -   All tribal permits & fees
    -   Experienced Grand Canyon guide
    -   And the adventure you never expected with an                 optional last mile walk along Diamond Creek to                 say you hiked to the bottom of The Grand Canyon.

This is an All-Day Roundtrip Drive
(about 500 miles, +/-14 hours) from Phoenix to the bottom of The Grand Canyon. Scenic and rest stops are made along the way.

Regularly Scheduled Trips
are currently offered on Odd Numbered Dates with the exception of Sundays, holidays and last day of the month.   Reservations close at Noon on the day before any trips scheduled departure.

Other Days or Private Trips
can be done by special arrangement and pricing.   Trips of two or more days can also be arranged to include additional Grand Canyon or other locations.

Where Peach Springs Wash Enters Peach Springs Canyon
Walking Down Diamond Creek

For Reservations or Specific Questions
Call  -   928-595-2250
or Email   -   arizonafriend@wileswest.com
Reservations can also be made by making online payment below.

Pickups & Drop Offs:
are at specific locations from near I-10 & Hwy 60 and north along the I-17 corridor starting around 6:00am.   Call - 928-595-2250 for the location nearest you.   (Groups of 8 or more can be picked up at your hotel).

Minimum and maximum fill numbers apply to this trip.   Call for current status. Or Click for Availability Calendar

Reservations can be paid
either at the time of pickup or right now by using the button below.   If using the button below, fill in the email and/or phone # you are traveling with so we can confirm your reservation and arrange your pickup location.   Reservations should be made no later than Noon the day before a trip is scheduled to run.

A Drive to the Bottom of Grand Canyon
(If you cancel there is a $25/ fee when using this option).

Diamond Creek Beach at the Bottom of The Grand Canyon

Bikers at the First Crossing of Diamond Creek
What to Bring
Temperatures at the bottom of The Canyon are about the same as those in Phoenix.
Things we recommend you bring/wear - sunscreen, lip balm, hat, shoes (especially if you plan to walk the last mile) and cloths (especially in the summer) you won't mind getting wet*.
Other things you might want to include - neck cord for eyeglasses, camera, binoculars, bandana.
Temperatures in Peach Springs are about the same as those in Prescott.
In winter that could mean the possibility of snow.   Light layers are recommended rather than a single heavy coat. This allows you to easily adjust to changing temperatures due to elevation changes and time of day.

* I know you're wondering how you could possibly get your cloths wet.   The answer is, on purpose.   If it's hot in Phoenix, it's hot at the bottom, so, you will have two choices.   Stay dry, be miserable and get no sympathy from me.   Or, get wet, evaporatively cool and be happy.

Wiles West is not responsible for - floods, fires, weather of any kind, road construction, road closures, congested traffic delays, pandemics, government shutdowns or any of Murphy's Laws.

Minors Must Be Accompanied
by a parent or legal guardian and are the sole responsibility of said parent(s) or guardian(s).   Wiles West staff are guides; they are not babysitters or daycare providers and will not act in that capacity.
General Itinerary
Early departure, heading north through Black Canyon and across the Central Highlands to Cordes Junction.   From there, through the Prescott and Chino Valleys, past the original territorial capitol and up the Colorado Plateau.
Continuing through pinion-juniper forests to I-40 & Historic Rt. 66 to the Hualapai Indian Reservation and Peach Springs (with gift shop opportunity at the Hualapai Lodge) where we will pick up lunch and permits.
From there down the road to bottom of The Grand Canyon with scenic stops along the way and option of walking the last mile along Diamond Creek to The River and get to say you hiked to the bottom of The Grand Canyon.
After a picnic lunch on the beach above Diamond Creek Rapids (your choice of ramada with picnic table or rock by the river), back up the road to Historic Rt. 66 and return to Phoenix by the same route.
Total time in The Canyon is about 4-5 hours.

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