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The (Camodeca)Common/Ierovante Family Reunion was attended by 36 people in the Miller East Pavillion at Silver Park in Alliance, Ohio on June 26, 2010.

Who Was There

By clicking on the picture you will be taken to a still of the same picture. By running the cursor over people (and sometimes other things) in the still picture you will get individual names (and sometimes descriptions).

By using the pointing hands at the top of the still photos you can navigate backward and forward through the the slideshow as stills only. Getting back to the moving slideshow at the place where you left it (or getting it to hold still while the cursor is on it) remains beyond my skill level, thus, it will always start from the beginning when you return to it. The slideshow runs about four and a half minutes and automaticly starts over.

This is How it Happened

(From the summer of 2009)

Cousin Kate came calling in the summer of 2009.   And even with the visit coinciding with the 4th of July holiday and a 114° heat wave (read half of Phoenix clogging the highways, overflowing the restaurants, littering the forests, starting fires and being a general bother) she did manage some "high adventure" (see Bicycling to the Bottom of Grand Canyon and Desert in Bloom ) totally aside from being attacked by fossils.

While here, we decided, with her at one end of a generation and me at the other, to officially declare the family scisim null, void and forever a thing past.   We also decided to proclame a big all inclusive family reunion the likes of which has not been seen since the summer of 1970 (or was it '71, hard to remember it was so long ago) when Aunt Betty and I put one together.

Thing is we don't know where everybody is, or in too many cases even who they are.   (How was Sara Agusta related to us?) So, tell everyone you're related to.   Or at lest let me know how to get hold of them.   And speaking of getting hold of them, does anyone know how to get hold of the relitives in Youngstown, Chicago, Florida, California, South America, Italy, Albania or elswhere?

(And in 2012, this still remains so).

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