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Christmas 2017 Zane gave his mother and me a week long (7 night) Greek Island cruise departing from and returning to the port of Rome.   Our flight schedule was such that we had four nights in Rome before the cruise departed, which we spent there doing tourist things.   Returning from the cruise, we had another five nights before our return flight departed, so, rented a car and headed south for Calabria (the toe of Italy) and the fabled mountain top Albanian villages of family lore (with an overnight stop to visit Pompeii).

In 1956 my grandparents (Nic Camodeca/Common & Marie Ierovante/Camodeca/Common) received a picture of an orthodox priest.   All that the online translation program could make out from what was written on the back was "my parish in Castroregio".   I had a copy with me in hopes of showing it to someone at the church in Castroregio who might recognize him and maybe have an idea of why he sent it to my grandparents.   It didn't take that long.

The first person we talked to in Calabria was Rosa F who owned the B&B Lo Sparviaro in Civita, a village an hour or less from Castroregio.   She asked how it was we were in Civita, not many Americans go there.   I told her the story, showed her the picture.   She said her priest, Don Antonio, was from Castroregio.   Later that afternoon she took me around the corner to his house and I gave him the story and the picture.   He said the priest in the picture had been a friend of his and had died in 1970.   Then he called the priest in Castroregio and asked him to look for the baptismal record for Marie Ierovante from 1904.

Next day in Papa Nicolo's dinning room in Castroregio, he opened a tattered, water stained, record book and pointed at Grama.

Photos from two of the Albanian Villages in Calabria

In late Aug. of 2012 Louis Doutt contacted me after having found pictures of the Wiles on this web site. His late wife was a descendant of Louella Wiles Hartley, a sister of Wesley Wiles.

We exchanged information. He had a lot more than I had (not to mention neater)and added mine to his. With his permission it is add to this site.

Morris-Wiles Geneology     Descendants of Wesley and Milinda Wiles

On June 26, 2010, a (Camodeca)Common/Ierovante Family Reunion was held in the Miller East Pavillion at Silver Park in Alliance, Ohio.
Click here for reunion pictures.

Marc Antonio Camodeca, March 5, 1859 - June 20, 1943

To the best of my knowledge the person who dates back the farthest in any of these pictures is Marc Antonio Camodeca, March 5, 1859 - June 20, 1943, an 84 year dash.

The youngest, to the best of my knowledge, his great, great, grandaughter, Natalie Ann St. John, born to the future on Dec. 16, 2008.

Marc Antonio enlarged from photo BW-074
Natalie Ann St. John, Dec. 16, 2008

(As of the end of March 2012 there are 782 black and white and 164 color pictures listed.)


About the Photographs

It Began

When my mother died there were boxes of old photographs.   I took some of them with me, my sister Becky took the rest with her.   That was in the summer of 2006.   At first I thought I'd put names and places on the backs of all of them.   It didn't take long to realize I didn't know who a lot of those people were and knew less about where.   They were set aside.

In the summer of 2008 I came across them again;   wondered what to do with them.   It didn't seem they belonged to me alone.   These were the ancestors of the whole family, many families, and should belong to everyone.   So, I decided to start scanning them into the computer;   maybe put them on disks for distribution.   All of them to everyone?   I don't know a lot of the people in the pictures.   Which ones to which families, and how do I find where those families are?     -     Richard's kids?   I've heard the phrase but I don't know them any better than they know me.   And where is Richard, let alone his kids?     -     Cousin Frank?   Well, unless his last name is EnCalifornia, I guess he is (or was) in California.   "Cousin Frank in California" is the only thing I ever heard of the guy.     -

A few of the pictures I emailed to a few people to see if they might know anyone in them.   Not an efficient process.   Auntie Kathi suggested I put the pictures on a web site.   At the time it sounded like a lot of work.   Considering the options, it now seems like the best way to go.

The Evolving Plan

Unless there are some hiding in a place I'm unawair of, all the black and whites I have are listed.   They are in no order other than how they came out of the box.   Next I'll start on color pictures of those who have died and then work my way to the present.

Originally I was listing as much information as I had with each picture as I loaded it, but decided to just list as many as possible and fill in the information later.   Should you know anything that will fill in missing information let me know and I'll add it.   When sending information please use the Photo Reference Number.

Besides information, if you find any corrections that need to be made, have any stories or pictures you would like to add, send them (electronically or otherwise) and I'll add them.   Should you already have them on line, send a link and I'll add that.


In order not to get buried in spam by the creepy crawlies of the internet (and not take all the time to encrypt it) I'm putting the contact email in a form only humans can understand.   Translate this into a normal looking email address and send information to jeff at the dot com known as wileswest.

Now and Later

For now this is only a catalog of photographs.   There are genealogies, incomplete, and other documents in the boxes.   Eventually those will get listed.   Any additions along those lines would also be welcome.

At some point I intend to add an index of names with a list of the photos they are in.   It would also be nice to have the pertinent section of a family tree pop up when the cursor passes over anyones name.   But first I need to know who more of these people are (and get all the pictures loaded).

The Common Camodeca Corundum *

At some point the name Camodeca became Common.  . I'm not sure when.  . All my mother would ever say about it, briskly brushing it away, was "the school changed it".  . No reason why or how or when.  . Can't say it ever struck me as a plausible explanation.   A lot of the pictures have Common on them but there's no way to tell when it was written.   Amy found several documents indicating name changes in the summer of 1943.   So, until better information comes along, I use the tombstone of Marc Antonio Camodeca as the demarcation, Camodeca before, Common after.   Unknown dates show up as Camodeca/Common.

Along Those Lines

Unknown dates of pictures along with unknown dates of weddings lead to names indicated, for example, as Common/Wiles.   Provided there is a maiden or married name even known.   If not there may be a name followed by a questionmark or a questionmark alone.

Definitions and Explaniations

  • copy = reproduction from a photograph
  • duplicate = reproduction from a negitave
  • scan = reproduction of a copy, duplicate or original photograph by and for computer manipulation

* if you realize this is a geologic play on words, good for you - if not, this is yet another reason why geology should be required in high school (to solve this conundrum see: Mohs scale of hardness) - and besides Grama Marie liked rubies

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