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Who:   Tony and Rita Camodeca


When:   unknown

Where:   Chicago?

More:   scanned from a 5 x 7 photo - my godparents, Tony was not related just happened to have the last name of Camodeca, once while traveling on business (he was a salesman) Tony visited us, I was a kid probably between 4 and 7, we met him at the airport, I remember a blimp landing and supposedly he came in on it but it might just have been him saying that, he stayed in my room, I had bunk beds, while in bed he told me he was friends with Superman and anytime he was in trouble Superman would come and help him, I asked how Superman knew he needed help, he said Superman gave him a key and anytime he wanted Superman to show up all he had to do was blow on the key - photo embosed with Robins Art Color in lower right corner, nothing on back

Photo Referance Number: BW-043

Rita and Tony Camodeca